3 comments on “Breaking the Rules

  1. What I am constantly finding amazing is the people in Amazon reviews that, despite your fairly clear explanation of why a ship boarding party would be using swords and other cutters instead of guns, people still complain that they would be using guns in the future! And don’t get me started on the one who can’t figure out why a ship might have four people involved in navigating the ship, why wood might be available and used for repairs, and the Captain using vocal commands (I still think he’s looking for a psionic gestalt in which all of the crew members simply *know* what the Captain wants done, and the Captain sees by direct perception of the entire void around him for several kiloparsecs.) I still say he couldn’t find himself on the planet within a few hundred miles without a GPS, a GLASNOSS receiver, and a big map with a sticker on it saying “YOU ARE HERE!”

    • I used to get really cross with those people. Now, with the hundreds of enthusiastic reviews and a major publisher thinking highly enough of the work to want to want its name on it, I just console myself with the thought that these people are idiots. They never seem to think that if the captain can control the ship with his mind, what is the rest of the crew for and what room is there left for shipboard drama.

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