5 comments on “Hot New Release List!!

  1. It is also #26 on the Space Opera list. I didn’t even know that this book was IN the Space Opera category. I always have whimsical associations with the term, “Space Opera.” I think of someone singing, “Oh, Brunhilda, fire the thrusters.”

  2. Great news Paul, I’m sure your fans will be waiting patiently for the Kindle release. I however, am not so patient. I never thought I’d hear myself say (or type) these words to another man but – Paul, you need to put out more. Since finishing your last (For Honor We Stand – excellent read btw) I’ve read the Ender Quintet, the Shadow series and the Formic Wars series by Orson Scott Card and the Legend Of Zero series by Sara King along with a few other short sci-fi collections. So please, prod the editors a little and push the corporate types when you can.

    • This is just an artifact of the transition from self-published to published. Had I stayed self-published, I probably would have two more books out by now. Had I been published all along, the first two books would not have come out so fast and there wouldn’t be this sort of gap between Books II and Book III. I knew there would be a gap when I made the change, but I thought it an acceptable trade off to be able to reach a larger audience through conventional publication.

  3. Paul In For Honor we Stand it mention book 3 Brothers in Valor would be published in 2013. Has it been postponed? I have volumes 1 and 2 and was really looking forward to V 3 As well as Blood, Toil and Tears Trilogy Sting of Battle

    • As I mention on my author page on Amazon, this blog, my old blog, my personal facebook page, and my “author” facebook page (and, indeed, in the most recent comment I posted on in this blog) the schedule that appears in Book II was based on the assumption that I would continue as a self-published author. The acquisition of the series for conventional publication by 47North has caused a delay–47North will publish new editions of Books I and II in February and March 2014 respectively, followed by publication of Book III sometime this summer. The first book of the next trilogy is expected five or six months thereafter. The date will depend on whether 47North exercises its option, whether it is picked up by another publisher, or whether I revert to self-publishing.

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