4 comments on “Wife Publishes New “Soul-Linked” Novel

  1. Hi Paul,
    Could you please be so kind to give me an update if and when your wife will continue the Orbs of Rathira-saga? Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    • The third Orbs book is in final editing now. In fact, I just completed my review of the first half or so today and will start work on the second half tomorrow. I would expect publication in the next three to ten days, depending on the breaks.

  2. Mrs Phillips,

    I have just re-read all of soul linked books for the third time and I have noticed an error in the 3rd soul linked book The Katres Summer.
    Chapter 24 10th page
    First building at the far end of Cluster, a side door opened and about a dozen men filed pout into a large cleared area. Darleen and “Saige” This should be Summer not Saige.


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