5 comments on “T-15 Days and Counting

  1. Paul,
    Is there any way for those of us who bought the self-published edition to “upgrade” to the 47North edition without buying both books at full price? I’m very interested in the new scenes- your original editions are some of my most read Kindle books. But with limited income, I have trouble justifying the purchase of the same book twice.

    • By the way, in case it wasn’t clear from my comment, I was happy when you were picked up by 47North and I’m extremely excited for Book 3.

    • This is all totally beyond my control–what Amazon charges to whom for the new book is totally within their discretion. As far as Amazon is concerned, the 47North editions are a new product with a new ISBN for which they are going to charge the full price (and, they spent a great deal of money on this project). Now, I just noticed that they dropped the price for the Kindle Edition of Book I to $3.99, so it is pretty reasonable. And, in many ways, it is not the same book, in that even without the new scenes, there is a fair amount of editorial revision, trimming, re-explanation of obscure stuff, typo elimination, etc. A lot of people worked on this book to make it a much more refined, professional product than the self-published book which was basically proofed and edited only by my wife, my mother in law, and me. And, thanks for the good wishes.

      • Thank you for the explanation. I’ll probably buy it. Like you, I was surprised to see that it was priced at only $3.99.
        PS: Your mother-in-law, wife, and yourself have crazy good proofreading skills. I would have assumed that you had a professional editor before.

      • You are very welcome. Regarding the proofreading skills, I should note that I was an Associate Editor of the Louisiana Law Review (Volume 45). There are very few editing jobs that are more demanding than doing close text and footnote editing of a law review. My wife and mother in law are also very detail-oriented, plus my wife is a very successful self-published author in her own right. I am fortunate to have had their help in bringing these books to press.

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