4 comments on “RIP Harvey G. Phillips

  1. Hi,

    Loved the first book. The sacrifice of the cutter crew actually brought a tear to my eye. But it made me wonder. If having a ship overload their drive in the same space is an effective defense, why wouldn’t every system have a group of drone ships nearby capable of doing the same thing as a last resort without loss of life?

    J.G. Martin

    • Well, first–the infarction is created not by an overload but by having one ship at the jump point when a ship is jumping through from the other “side.” Second, having drones nearby is an invitation to the Krag to hack the drones and send them into our jump points creating infarctions blocking them for weeks or months. The Krag are very good at infiltrating computer systems and we’re not going to trust the usability of our jump points to robot ships that are vulnerable to Krag hacking.

      That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Actually, what you point out is something of a plot hole. I knew about it from the beginning, but went with the story as is anyway because there were so many other up sides to it in terms of the storytelling.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • LOL. I hear you. It was a great moment in the book and you set it up perfectly.

        I just started self publishing myself. I put in what I thought was a throwaway about being able to track someone from space via a radioactive die an got a lecture from on of my dad’s friends who happens to be a rocket scientist. Although he did buffer it by saying the DoD thought that possibility existed as well so I shouldn’t feel bad.

        I’m waiting to see his comment on book 2’s use of a space station and artificial gravity.

        J.G. Martin

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