7 comments on “Central Casting

  1. whooaaaa you’re looking at a movie SWEET!!

    as for your choice for sahin…id actually have Alexander siddig play sahin, he played an excellent doctor in deep space 9 especially considering he is Arabic in orgin (born in Sudan) i think he might fit that role better

    another person i might suggest is Connor Tinneer (Cmdr Tucker Star trek enterprise)

    josh Holloway might be another candidate for Robichaux, as i think Hammer is a little too smiley to portray Robichaux, but he did do pretty good in mirror mirror, possibly allowing him to play such a serious role might enhance his acting capabilities and steele him for the next episode :D, but try to get actors who would be willing to stay the course as changing actors might be hard to explain

    (i didnt know there were comments on here so the one on facebook is actually the first one)

    • I’m just having fun with the idea of a movie–there have been no approaches of any kind.

      As for Siddig playing Sahin, I think you’re overlooking their respective ages. As our story opens, Dr. Sahin is only 26. Siddig is about 20 years too old for the role. Overall, if I were the casting director, I would generally try to avoid casting Star Trek actors, or at least avoid casting more than one or two to help the francise develop its own identity instead of being seen as “Star Trek with Rats.”

      • Ah, i didnt consider that perspective, you have a very good point as there are many notes referring back to Star Trek as well. in that case then your choices are solid, Martin Freemen is a great actor and it would be interesting to see him delve into Sci-Fi, i would love to see this made into a movie, at least its a fun thought

  2. I’ve always pictured Aasif Monday as Dr Sachin but am a big fan of your selections.

    I read the first two books last year and have been listening to the audio book of ‘To Honor You Call Us’ whilst travelling around Japan. I can’t wait for ‘For Honor We Stand’ in audio book and of course the long awaited ‘Brothers In Valour’.

      • All true, but I’ve always associated characters insyantly with faces I know well and struggle to change them when reason or more appropriate faces enter my minds eye. For that reason, Robichaux is forever my first OC but I assure you he is a much better fit than my Sahin.

  3. I’ve just completed listening to ‘For Honor We Stand’ on audio book after having previously read the self published edition and the final act still managed to give me goosebumps.
    After listening to the audio dramatisation I’m convinced that a ‘Game of Thrones’ style show rather than a movie is the best way to properly capture the depth you’ve given to individuals, ships and story…. We can only hope that this will one day eventuate.

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