4 comments on “UK Sales Continue to Be Excellent

  1. It was my pleasure to comment on that review and give my opinion.

    Don’t let it get to you, it must be frustrating to have a book that you have put so much effort into being attacked and being unable to respond but that is what your fans are for!
    You’re captain of this ship but let us be the X/O.

  2. Hph, as I said before, when some pseudo critic commented negatively on book one, there will always be someone who feels compelled to go against the grain, and say something negative, even if not relevant, or totally off the wall like the sentence construction comment. As a voracious reader if SCIFI, seldom read reviews, and even when I do I make my own decision on what’s good and bad. I think few people are influenced one way or the other on books, now if it was a product I might consider the evaluation as it compared to other reviews ( as when I bought a road bike a while back).

    I think the sales numbers speak for themselves – if not, then here’s my review short and sweet; “Terrific book, fine writing, believable characters, interesting stories – can’t wait for the next one! Buy it you will love it?

    • Thanks. I’ll never know how many sales that jerk caused me to lose, but I’m betting it is at least a few hundred. There was a big dip right when his review went up and sales are only slowly recovering. My ranking went from 1 to 4 overnight. It has now climbed back to 3

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