One comment on “To Honor You Call Us – Great space adventure a’la Master & Commander in space

  1. H Paul Honsinger – Man of War 01 – To Honor You Call Us… Every once in a while I find a really good book. You know the kind, the one that brings you into the story at the emotional level. Such a perfect writing style that constantly delivers dialog in a manor that makes me feel that the Author must have been a Douglas Adams fan. Sprinkled with relational content to popular Science Fiction TV and Movies, but never once actually saying who, what or where. If you are a true Star Trek fan, you will find yourself well into the know of such hidden gems. Such thoughtful nods to my childhood heroes were not un-noticed. Thank you Paul! You have a follower for life. Your second book “H Paul Honsinger – Man of War 02 – For Honor We Stand”, was truly as exceptional. I whole heartedly look forward to more and the chance to have a full hardback collection to pass on to someone else.

    5 Stars out of 5.

    Wm Cruz Carroll Sr.
    TheWebGamer / PsyberTech

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