8 comments on ““Brothers in Valor” Now in Hands of Publisher

      • Brilliance Audio is supposed to record Book 3 just as it did Books 1 & 2. As far as I know, it hasn’t gone into production. I say this because I haven’t gotten the usual two or three page long “pronunciation query” asking for me to give phonetic spellings of some of the words. Thanks for the kind words. You’ve listened to the recordings more than I have.

  1. I do like the conversations but I guess it cannot be helped. 😉 Beside, battles are always fun!

    I will look forward to hearing the publishing date then!

    Best Wishes and Happy New Year!

  2. Just finished Brothers in Valor. Excellent series. Just one nit picking comment. Given the overall level of technology, the level of medical technology described appears to be lower than I would expect.

    • There is a reason for that in the story. Since 2034, the humanity has faced one extraterrestrial threat after another, forcing the emphasis on technological development toward weapons, propulsion, materials, metallurgy, and similar disciplines. There has also been a very high attrition of physicians–ship’s surgeons killed in the wars who do not mature over time into medical researchers who develop new technologies and techniques.

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