17 comments on “Prequel Novella On Sale

  1. Just finished reading. 🙂 A real nice surprise to see this one released. Great to see more of Vaaach, especially I didn’t bother reading the post to avoid any spoilers. 🙂

    • No schedule so far from Paul but I guessing that this story is not yet finished yet so hopefully Paul will carry on and not leave us wonder to long to know what happened next. Hint hint Paul!!!!!!

    • There is no formal schedule, as the next novella is not yet written. I have some serious health issues that I deal with on a continuing basis, so I can’t grind the pages out like some of the young studs in this genre. The priority is the novels, which I am trying to produce at the rate of two novels every three years. If my productivity improves, then the books will come out faster–it’s all a matter of the relationship between my health and my creative process. When my diabetes was out of control, my cognitive processes were somewhat impaired and I couldn’t write anything that was any good, so I was on hold for months. I also plan to put out a “Young Max” novella or two every year. Again, that’s the plan. Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy. The next novella will probably be some time after the next novel comes out (currently set for 7 July 2015), but all of that is subject to change. I’m doing my best to produce this stuff as fast as I can, consistent with putting out the kind of books that I am proud to put my name on. I’m not going to write crap just to meet some artificial deadline, at least if I can help it. So, back to work for me.

      • It’s always great to see how somebody becomes the hero when we first meet them, it makes them a more rounded and interested figure to read about. Plus I also like the admiral he really has a way with words with his memos and orders to Max.

        Plus it nice to find an author who hates writing an artificial deadline or a publishers demands. You take care, hope you had a happy Easter.

      • The question of a release schedule for the novellas was primarily for your benefit….if you know when they’ll be released, then you will know when you’ll have my money…Ravenous is as good of a description as any for my appetite for this series…you write it and I’ll buy it

  2. I really love your work, Paul. Max is such an engaging character. The novella filled in a lot of holes and was fun – in spite of all the suspense. Thank you.

  3. Josh, I hope my reply didn’t sound miffed at your question, because I was not. You were not out of line at all. I may have been feeling a bit put out with some other folks who are leaning on me to produce faster, but I had no problem with your comment.

    • No worries…. The novella was a very pleasant surprise, I had resigned myself to wait till July.
      This series has entered E-ARC territory for me. Like what Baen does for some of its bigger authors, I would pay much more for early access to this series…Your health is ultimately the most important part of this equation. Take care

      • I like Baen E-ARC release. Especially the Honor books. So far those are the only ones I’ll buy in that format. Take care of yourself Paul.

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