8 comments on “Westercon68 Update #5: My Events (Finally!)

  1. I wish I could go. Will any of your events be streamed live or recorded? If so where can I go watch them?

    • The organizers have not notified me of any such intentions. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I would be very surprised if there were any streaming or recording, if only because these guys want to have people pay to get to see this stuff. If there is anything like that, it might be for people to view later, in which case I’ll find out how that works and post something about it here.

      I will also ask the organizers, the next time I contact them tonight or tomorrow, if there are any plans to podcast or record or whatever and post that information here.

  2. Just finished the new book…you sir are a menace for that ending…you must tell me when I might get my next fix….err…umm, what I mean to say is when will the next installment be published?…. Probably in January, I only say that date because it seems an appropriately interminable length of time away….

    Well done sir

  3. Umm Just finished, could you publish the next book, sometime like tomorrow or maybe next week, please, you left the series on a very bad cliffhanger, you needed to make this book longer.

    • They come out the length they come out. When the story is over, it’s over. The next phase will be a new story that deserves its own novel. Actually, where I think I made the mistake was in ending the second book where I did. I think that the last third or so, beefed up a bit, could easily have been its own book which would have made Brothers the first book of a new series. But, I was very new to this at the time.

      • Paul apart from the comment about wanting the next book now (I know is not possible it will come out when it comes out), the part about the bad cliffhanger is true, if this is the end of the trilogy of the cumberland (at least this specific ship) you should have put an epilogue closing up this part of the series like robichaux and sahin, in a conference with the admiral after giving the report of their mission, leaving the book as it is, it does not close the trilogy, the next book can pick up right after the battle with any other ship coming to rescue them and continue the story making this series not a trilogy but a tetralogy or whatever amount of books you want to publish.

        What I mean is that if you finish an arc or series or trilogy, at the end of that arc series or trilogy should be an epilogue, the epilogue doesn’t need to answer lose threads (specially if you the author intend to publish more books in this universe), the purpose of that epilogue is to give closure to that chapter, in universe and in the life of the characters (in teenager series with high school the epilogue wrap up the school year, in series about war one general offensive may wrap up with the result of that offensive and the next series deal with a counteroffensive or political issues or whatever).

        Those are my reason why while I love the whole book, i ended dissatisfied with the ending.

  4. Ok. I am taking deep breathes here…

    I will not …
    I will not……

    F’ it….


    On panels/sitting near Steven Brust, Vernor Vinge, and David Brin.


    I don’t know the rest, but….

    Brust did the Taltos & Jehreg series. It’s been quite some time since I read them, but very much worth reading.

    Vernor Vinge is one of the Leading Lights of both libertarian SF and Transhumanist/Singularity fiction. Also, he was formerly the husband of Joan D. Vinge, herself one *HELL* of a writer.

    And well, David Brin. You appear to know of him – I shan’t fan-gush over _Earth_, _Existence_, _The Postman_, the first Uplift Trilogy, his take on surveillance and sousveillance, or his brilliance in the short form with _Crystal Spheres_, _Tank Farm Dynamo_, or _Thor Meets Captain America_.



    Ok, I’m good now.


    No, really, I’m good now.

    • There are pills for that, you know.

      I was gushing about David Brin (and that Larry Niven is going to be at the con) in an email responding to a fan email about the con, and he responded, “But THEY are going to get to meet PAUL HONSINGER.” I replied that I didn’t think it was even remotely the same thing. Those whales might not even notice the tiny krill swimming past.

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