18 comments on ““Trilogy”

  1. Okay already. I love the books and want more as soon as possible. As an old Navy chief I may have a little lack of patience, maybe. Please forgive and write fast.

  2. I understood and anticipate the next in a series of books. I not only feel that you delivered on you promise, but also left us readers something to look forward to. Carry on.

  3. Strange, I read the book, saw that it left a bunch of stuff unresolved and my first thought was that it simply meant that more books in the same universe were likely to follow. Maybe they would follow the same characters, maybe they wouldn’t. I’ve read many series where the focus moves between characters as the series progresses. Heck, I’ve read many books and series which end in a manner that’s not “neat” or complete – I prefer that to the more Hollywood “happily ever after”.

    I’ll simply say that I’m looking forwards to the next book, regardless of which characters it resolves around.

  4. I liked the book overall, however felt slightly cheated mainly, because you previewed the first 25% of the book when you announced to us the delay in publishing so I knew how that massive chunk of the book would pan out.

    The story felt right, I definitely felt it was realistic to end where you did, it was poignant sad, but thoroughly logical, you can only gamble so long without loosing.

    My favourite chapters in this book however were when you had the order of battle from the point of view of the Krag war commander. It was refreshing & put a new angle on the combat. Often authors of military sci-fi get so caught up in describing every minute detail of space battles, & marginalize the character and world building. By doing the entire order of battle from the Krags point of view, you kept it fresh & interesting.

    I really hope you can knock out the next installment quicker than the last one took! (I know that’s a bit impertinent but leaving us with such a cliff hanger, you’ve only got yourself to blame!!!).
    Gutted we didn’t get to see Admiral Hornmeyer in person again, & I hope we’ll see more of him in the future.

    Did Werner Brown & the Engineers go down with the ship?

  5. *snerk* Sounds like you’re channeling an old Master Chief Mr. Honsinger. Nonetheless, I agree – the term “trilogy” does not necessarily indicate the end of the story for those characters. Just the end of that arch of the stories.

    I’m pleased to hear confirmation that there will be more adventures for Max and Bram even though this particular chapter is completed. Yes, you could have very well ended it on their situation, let the curtain closed, and called it a done deal – I’ve read series like that. I’ve also read series that tie up too many loose strings and leave the reader disappointed that things didn’t end sooner. I’m glad that this certainly isn’t the former, and based on the craft you’ve displayed, I doubt it’ll be the latter, either.

    One final comment – trying to put this without spoilers: Max’s comment and the reaction of those on the shuttle to Cumberland’s appearance with the stars and “E” illuminated brought a mist to my eye. My sincere congratulations on how you closed out the trilogy, and I will anxiously await the next series. Maybe I’ll watch some Gilbert & Sullivan performances in the meantime.

    • Postscript: While it doesn’t really belong here, I don’t know where else to say it – I’m pleased by the inclusion of a ship named for Captain Lovell, and for the references to some of the less known heroes of the youth of NASA, several of whom are among my heroes.

      • I can’t build statues to them. I can’t put them on postage stamps. I can’t put their names on buildings. But I CAN do this. So I do. They are my heroes, too.

      • Oh, and I gave Jim Lovell a whole freaking station, and one of the most important ones. It will get lots of mentions. Besides, it sounds good: “Lovell Station.” Some idiot wrote an Amazon comment all butthurt because he thought that the reference to Captain Borman was to Martin Bormann the Nazi bastard who was Hitler’s secretary instead of Frank Borman. He also hated that I had some nice things to say about von Braun. Well, folks, the extent to which he was involved in the horrors committed in the actual building of the V-2 by slave/concentration camp labor is controversial and poorly documented. On the other hand, his role in going to the freaking moon is not controversial or poorly documented at all. A good case can be made that his contribution to the effort was both unique and irreplaceable, which is something that can be said of very few other people (Stark Draper, Bill Tindall, George Mueller . . . that’s all I’ve got!). He may have been an evil monster on German soil (or not–the jury is still out on that one), but he was a bleeding hero on American soil, and if celebrating and honoring that is a bad thing, then I guess someone will just have to shoot me. They should know, however, that I am well armed at all times and that I have something of a talent for shooting. I personally know people who worked with the man, and who worked with the people who worked with the man, and there is not ONE who has ANY bad word to say about him.

  6. I thought the series was well concluded and I look forward to future books. In light of the men’s New predicament, I’m not worried, because of the way the Union’s advanced communications are written in the books, of the outcome. I’m wondering if Max will get promoted, because as Hornmeyer said to Max, “have you looked at the score?” Referring to Max’s incredible combat record since he took Command of the Cumberland, men like that are do not remain as destroyer captains. Look at how Honsinger wrote the sequence and planning for the Battle of Rashad V B, nope, nope, nope the author has big plans for Max! I also really like the novella format of Max’s early years. Looking forward to reading about the time Max spent with the Hunters of Vermin.

  7. There was a comment about a ship coming out of the yards (no, not the biggie) that might be a possibility for Max. I see great things and action coming for him.

    PS: I like the Captain of the Broadsword, too. Hope he shows up again.

  8. I can’t remember the name, but the glass Pfelung sculpture that was given to Ibrahim in book one…did anyone pick that up during a certain scene near the end of Brothers In Valor where it might have broken? (Sorry for awkward phrasing; trying to avoid spoilers although there’s plenty of hints in the comments here already)

  9. I’m a Marine, and I can figure out the ‘trilogy’ part…I agree – the end of the third book in the arc doesn’t mean the characters aren’t going to pop up again.

    Well? Where’s book four??? We’re waiting…hahahahahaha

    • Book 4 is being written as we speak. I struggle with multiple, serious health issues (which is why I retired from the practice of law) and can’t pump out the books like some authors do. That kind of prolificness requires that the writer work 10 hours a day, six or seven days a week (or even more), which is simply beyond my physical capacity. Folks who like my work will have to settle for a lower rate of production (though still higher than many authors).

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