5 comments on “Fifth Video Published: Exploring the Man of War Universe–the Gynophage and the Krag

  1. Glad you think a little bit of back story goes a long way. I like to learn about worlds and cultures through stories, not info dumps. I like your stories so I obviously think you are doing a good job in this department. Thanks.
    Your comment about writing by the seat of your pants reminds me of Nathan Lowell’s many comments of a similar nature. I like his writing also although you write different stuff. Sounds like he also makes it up as he goes along. He has said that sometimes his characters surprise even him.
    Keep writing—and keep up the videos, too. (I have been known to have a glass of red with a few. Hope you don’t mind.)

    • With Nathan Lowell and also with Robin Hobb I loved theit characters growth throughout their series,but I HATED…..HATED…where they left their characters.

  2. Hi Paul,

    love the Series I’m totally hook !!! So less blogging and more writing please If you put the effort into the books that you have put into this web sight you would be 5 or 6 books in by now and actually have a reason to have this website your last book was really short ,the price was right but very short
    1 book a year isn’t going to cut it with me. I love the characters the parallels to star trek are wonderful and done tastefully.Please don’t get me wrong I love your stuff keep it up I know this stuff dose not write it self . This is one mans 2 cent opinion so get busy bro!!!

    A little tough love


    • Not cool man…saying the words “tough love” does not give someone the mandate to be a jerk…he writes as he needs/when he wants. If you want to yell at an author for not pushing new stuff out for a while, go to Dick Francis’s website and go yell at him and help me out a bit…

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