3 comments on “Science Fiction Spotlight Radio Episode 4 Now Online: Guest Jennifer Brozek Talks YA Sci Fi, the Rules of YA Fiction, and Even Asimov

  1. Hi Keep writing, I hope the series goes on for a long time.

    Your series is the most believable spaced based conflict that I have come across.

    You also has some of the best characters, really like how you introduce junor members of the ships crew so we can put a face to the wider team, instead of just having crewmen number 1,2, 3, 4……….and so on.

    also there is no chance that you could let us know what class of ship the crew will be in the new books is there?

    regards Geoffrey

  2. When is the next book, these are the best books and I am desperately awaiting the next book. I ran across this series by chance and can’t get over how good it is…. I purchased the audio books and listen to them over and over when I go out of town…. I definitely hope that this series keeps going… can’t wait for the next book.


    Ps. Will you be doing any book signings near Colorado in the future?

    • I’m going as fast as I can, given the serious health issues I’ve had to deal with over the past few years. As for book signings in Colorado, my publisher doesn’t sponsor me to go on tours of bookstores or anything like that. I do attend occasional SF conventions in the Western US. So far, I’ve been invited only to cons in San Diego, Phoenix, and Tuscon. The best shot to get my hand and pen into Colorado would be for there to be an invitation for me to be a guest/participant at a convention, preferably with my room at the convention hotel covered. I would also consider doing book signings at any location in the US provided that my expenses were covered. I am not making the kind of money from book sales that enables me to fund much in the way of book promotional travel.

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