4 comments on “WESTERCON Hoooooooooo!

  1. Wish I could come! So nice to get input from you. Missed your blogging. BTW have made your gumbo recipe several times, a definite favorite.

  2. Well, I live in Dallas so can’t make it to the con, BUT:

    When do we get a new book?!?!?!?!

    Seriously, just recently found and finished the 4 available Man of War books on Kindle.
    I am hooked! Great stuff!
    I must know about The Hunters of Vermin!!

    And if you happen to like good whisky and are ever in the Dallas area , this old Marine who attended Annapolis would love to hoist a few.

    • I keep on trying to get invitations to conventions back where my roots are, (Texas and Louisiana) but no luck so far. As for new books, if you found this blog entry, you should have seen my most recent update on upcoming publications. Health problems put things on a serious delay.

      Hunters of Vermin will actually be out within the next several weeks, maybe sooner.

      I have never turned up my nose at good whisky and it would be an honor to hoist a few with a member of the beloved and honorable Corps, a club so outstanding that it would not let me be a member (I have a few minor birth defects–it was a smart call on their part). I can’t relate the circumstances (save that the title “Analyst” has from time to time been attached to my name) but because some Marines could get their asses in gear, on the road, deployed, and shooting at the bad guys before the army had even gotten loaded on their trucks, I am alive to write novels. So, anyway, while all Americans owe a profound debt to the Corps, mine is deeply personal as well. I always drink to you guys on the Corps’ Birthday, for whatever that is worth.

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