7 comments on ““The Hunters of Vermin” is OUT!

  1. Loving it, Paul, as always. But is it Maxime or Maxwell? You’re using both. Thanks, Dr. Jim Franklin, TN

    • It’s Maxime. He is named after Maxime Faget, the brilliant aerospace engineer who was the lead designer for the Mercury spacecraft, the Apollo Command Module, and the Space Shuttle. He also played a significant, but lesser role in Gemini–he headed the department that designed it and supervised but the primary design work was done by another guy whose name escapes my damaged brain right now.

      If there’s a “Maxwell” or two in there, it’ a typo. Possibly that bleeding cursed spell-check that continually tries to change “Maxime” to “Maxwell” and, when I update my dictionary, deletes the change with every update to Microsoft Office (which seem to happen every few months). The beauty of Kindle is that I can fix it and all future downloads will be correct

  2. Brilliant! I was itching for something to read this weekend and then I got an updatefrom your blog and lo, my choice is already made!

    • Hi Paul,

      Read it and really enjoyed the insight within such a mysterious and yet hilarious race. The only strange thing is Doctor gender seems to get mixed up? Again, I will need to reread that chaper.

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