5 comments on “Potpourri Update

    • Thanks for writing. About Ray Chase: I’m very happy with the Ray Chase performance and would love for him to serve as narrator for all the future main novels. Ray’s continuation in this role, however, is contingent on several factors. You see, Ray is at or near the top tier of voice actors who do audiobooks and he receives top dollar for his work–up front. If the next book is published by 47North as was the Man of War trilogy, I expect the publisher will go back to him and that he will do the project (he says he enjoyed doing these books more than most–he likes the characters). Of course, his participation would be subject to availability–he has lots of other projects–and whether he and 47North could agree on his compensation.

      It is not, however, by any means certain that 47North will publish the next book. First, the nature of our relationship with regard to this book is that they have an “option” on it. That is, I send the manuscript to them before I can do anything else with it and we see if we can come to terms on publishing it. There’s lots of uncertainty there–47North may not be interested in the book or their offer might not be sufficiently attractive. In that case, I may shop it to other publishers, who may or may not want to avail themselves of Mr. Chase’s readings for the audiobooks. In the end, I may return to self-publication, in which case I seriously doubt that I will be able to afford Mr. Chase–I don’t think he works on a royalty share.

      I am currently working with a narrator named Ben Krupa who is narrating upcoming audio versions of my shorter fiction, “Deadly Nightshade,” and “The Hunters of Vermin.” I’ve just reviewed the first 15 minutes of Nightshade and I’m very, very pleased. He may not have the flexibility to do different character voices for everyone like Ray did, but I can easily see him narrating a self-published version of the 4th book and doing a truly outstanding job. I expect Nightshade to be out sometime later this year and Vermin sometime early next. It may be sooner. So far, he’s beating all of the production deadlines by two or three weeks.

      Mr. Krupa works on a royalty share–meaning that he and I split the royalties paid to the author by Audible. He is an experienced narrator for training films and is fairly new to audiobooks. I’m very pleased with the work so far.

  1. Update: Pam Stack has notified me that my short story, “Good Morning, Vendiamatrix” WILL be included in the still-unnamed anthology of radio station-related stories set to appear in print early next year. I will keep you folks updated on the title, publication date, and other relevant information as soon as it is available to me.

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