2 comments on “New YouTube Video Posted

  1. Wow. You can really see how crooked my nose is in this picture–it bends sharply to the right. I wonder what that signifies. All right, you folks in the back row, save the political commentary.

  2. People have asked. Yes, that is real beer. It is Dox Equis Ambar. Good stuff. I prefer Shiner Bock but this is still very good stuff, if you are into such things. Most folks don’t know that this beer is actually pretty close to a traditional German-Vienna lager, as the brewery was started by a German-born Mexican brewer and he stuck close to his roots. I don’t drink huge quantities of beer, but when I do enjoy a brew or two, I like it to have some definite flavor. I’m also rather like Moosehead–it’s a different experience, but it also lets you know that you are drinking beer and not soured apple juice.

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