One comment on “Beer or Coffee With the Author # 7, New Video Posted on You Tube

  1. Dear sir,

    Love your books, re reading them at the moment. Please write more, and faster, the man of war series is some of the best sci fi I read in a long time. It’s scary, brutal, intriguing and nail biting good addictive.

    I love all the small poetry and history you mix in. But most of all that we get so little to now about the other races, only a bit is revealed here and there.

    The darkness of the whole genophage, and the absolute terror of humans standing alone against an enemy so ruthless is terrifying.

    Its a great hope of mine that you’ll write more in the series, as they are some of my absolute favorite. So please write more, they are too good to end here.

    All the best, and thank you so much for some wonderful time while reading your books.


    Mr Kristian Bjerre, Denmark europe.

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