3 comments on “Deadly Nightshade Audiobook Now Available

  1. Just listened to deadly nightshade! LOVED IT
    It is the first book of yours I’ve read. Now I’ll do the To Honor You Call Us!

    • Thank you for your very kind words. I’m recovering from cancer surgery and this is just the sort of thing to cheer the grumpy author on pain meds. Regarding your reading plans, if “Deadly Nightshade” is still fresh in your mind, you might want to read the other prequel–“The Hunters of Vermin” (a short novel, so a bit of a longer read than “Nightshade”) which picks up right where “Nightshade” leaves off. I generally recommend that people start with “To Honor You Call Us,” finish out the trilogy, and then read the prequels. But, since you started with the prequels, there is a good case to be made for finishing them before going on to the trilogy. Something to think about, anyway.

      • I want to thank you for your amazing books. I’m on board since ‘To Honor You Call Us’ and wish us both a full recovery or at least long-lasting stable condition from cancer (in my case lung) so you can continue writing this awesome story and me (and thousands of other readers) joining you again on the journey.
        All the best 🙂

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