Buy the “Man of War” Books–Updated 2/14

[Current as of 2/16/14]  Right now, we are in a transitional period between “Man of War” as a self-published series and “Man of War” as a series published by 47North, a Division of Amazon Publishing.  The self-published edition of the first book in the series “To Honor You Call Us” is no longer available.  The 47North edition, available as of February 18, 2014, is widely available.  On, you can order it as a Kindle e-Book (which can be read, not just on Kindle readers, but on your PC, most tablet computers such as iPads, and on many smart phones), trade paperback (that means big 8 1/2″ by 5 1/4 inch size, not those little paperbacks that are so hard to hold open), and as an audiobook.  The audiobook, in turn, is available as a CD or as a digital download from  Links to the buy pages are below.

The self-published version of the second book, For Honor We Stand, is still available and will remain available until early March 2014.  It can be purchased as a trade-sized paperback or as a Kindle e-Book.  Meanwhile, the (what I regard as vastly superior) 47North edition of that same book will be released on March 11, 2014.  It will be available in all the same formats as the first book.  Order pages for all formats of both versions are below.

The 47North version of both books is also being offered by other booksellers on their web sites, such as Barnes and Noble and Books a Million, but only in paperback and CD audiobook formats.  The audiobook download is available from  for pre-order before the release date and for immediate download after.  In addition, the CD version will be purchasable from the company that made it, Brilliance Audio, as of the release dates.  Brilliance will not let you pre-order.

You should not expect to be able to walk into a brick and mortar bookstore or a news stand and purchase any of these products, at least yet.  These bookstores tend not to stock books published by 47North and other Amazon imprints because Amazon is their biggest competition.  On the other hand, you should be able to order the paperback and/or the CD from just about any bookstore in the country if you are more comfortable dealing with a bookstore than buying online.  I’m certain that if enough people start ordering these books from the bookstores, or if they become big enough sellers through other channels, that bookstores will begin to stock them.  I also think that if enough people walk into Books a Million in Lake Charles or Hastings in Lake Havasu City, order the books, and tell the person taking the order that the author is local (in the case of Lake Charles, born and raised and practiced law there for years; in the case of Havasu, I’ve lived here for the last 7 years), they might not only stock the book but want to do an author signing event.

I know that this is a somewhat complex situation.  It will become somewhat simpler after the 47North versions of both books are issued and the self-published versions of the second book are withdrawn.  Until then, here are the most important order pages.  Where a vendor is selling multiple formats, I’ve linked to a “top level” page from which you can go to order pages for each format.

To Honor You Call Us (47North Edition Only) [pre-order only until 2/18/14]


Barnes and Noble

Books a Million (BAM):

Hastings:  For some reason, the paperback and CD pages do not link to each other, so I’m providing links to each page.  [paperback.];  [CD audiobook]  [For some reason, the CD order page says “Limited Quantity, Order today.  I don’t know whether this means that Hastings has actually ordered some CDs to put in stock or whether Hastings has some kind of quota.  I’m new to all this.]  [audiobook digital download only]:

For Honor We Stand (47North and self-published editions as indicated) (pre-order only until 3/11/14)  [All formats of the 47North and self published editions can be pulled up from this page–the organization is a little confusing but if you stick with it you can figure it out.]

Barnes and Noble:  [47North and self published editions available here.  Note that the Nook eBook is only for the self published edition.  The 47North edition will not be available in the Nook format due to Amazon versus B&N issues.]

Hastings:  [paperback];  [audiobook] [Same “limited quantity” notation as on the first book.  If I ever find out why, I’ll post it on the blog portion of this site.]  [audiobook digital download only]

9 comments on “Buy the “Man of War” Books–Updated 2/14

  1. So, Paul, are those of us who invested in your self – published editions going to be able to get the updated versions?

    • The new editions are a new product, as far as Amazon is concerned. Previous readers who want the new product will have to purchase it. As the going rate for Book I is only $3.99 for the eBook, I don’t thik Amazon is being unreasonable. I spent a lot of time explaining in an earlier comment why I think that this is a reasonable thing for Amazon to do, even though it is absolutely not my call. My earlier remarks are found in the comments section on this page.

  2. It’s not about the money and I’m not blaming you. I also appreciate the advance first chapter of the third book. When Evan Currie reissued Into the Black, the same thing happened and Amazon treated it like a new product. I just think it’s bad customer service to penalize the folks who support a new author, especially when they advertise their update policy.

    • For all the talk about a “new product,” I noticed they kept all the reviews from the 1st edition 🙂

  3. They treated it as a new product because that is what it is. But if you had updated the originally published work even without offering it for sale to anyone else anyone who bought it before would have an update available notice in the manage my kindle section and we wouldn’t have to buy a new version.

    • That’s true, but I don’t own the publication rights to the “updated” version. If I had updated it myself, it would be a particle of a different polarity, but the new version is the product of a collaboration between me and several layers of editors who work for 47North.

  4. I am glad that the Audible book is the updated Brilliance one, I stumbled across it when looking for more SCI Fi to listen to. With David Weber getting into all kinds of different stories and such, the Honor Harrington line has slowed to a crawl. You have a good structure going here, and that also means you have a whole lot of room to play with. Looking forward to the next book, and the next and the next….. I still haven’t figured out how Max tells the Dr about the names and throws in “Scotty” and then proceeds to explain to Werner why he used Werner. Although “Scotty” and “Bones” might be poaching in the ST universe to some, but I like it. Thanks for a good start to a promising new series.

  5. I look at the “Scotty” and “Bones” thing this way. These people are in OUR future. When the space forces came into being in 2034, Star Trek was part of these people’s culture, their mythology. When they created their space forces, they had to be looking at Roddenberry’s Starfleet to some extent and it’s natural that some of the nomenclature carried over.

  6. Paul:

    I served as a nuclear submarine line officer (final rank of LT) for seven years in the US Navy and I have enjoyed reading your books. If you would like someone to talk to about how modern submarine warfare is carried as part of developing plausible tactical situations for your books, I would be happy to help.

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