Inside the Man of War Universe

This section includes pages relating to the organization and administration of the Union Space Navy, the Union itself, and other general topics relating to the Man of War Universe.  It should be considered as a kind of extended appendix to the Man of War books.

The current pages in this section are:

1.  Ranks, Promotion, and Training in the Union Space Navy:

2.  Star and Planet Names in the Man of War Universe:

26 comments on “Inside the Man of War Universe

  1. Can you tell us more about the role of women in the universe? My significant other wants to cosplay a USN soldier for an upcoming convention, and I’d rather NOT go as a Krag. What would women dress like? How would they relate to men? Where would a soldier see a woman?

    • The role of women isn’t anything special or unexpected, except that they are still in short supply and are too precious to send to war. I would think that any kind of dress that looked “futuristic” would be fine. Relations to men would be a bit different than before the gynophage–scarcity conveys power, such that the woman would have more leverage in the relationship. If the man doesn’t like what she’s doing, there are men lined up around the block to whom she can turn. The M/F ratio on the Core Worlds is now closer to 1/2 than the usual 1/1.08 or so.

      There are planets that the gynophage didn’t reach, and they have more normal gender distributions and things there are pretty much unchanged, except again for not being in the Navy. There would also, though, be pressure on those women to have large families or to have babies that are put up for adoption on other planets to help restore the population. A Spacer (“soldier” is a term that we use to refer to Army enlisted personnel–in my universe, the Navy men are Spacers and the troops carried through space are Marines, so no soldiers) would meet a woman on leave at a bar, church, store . . . any of the places where servicemen meet women today. Prostitution still exists, and is still illegal. Gender relations have, quite honestly, not been much of an emphasis in my thinking because they haven’t come up in the writing yet. I hope this helps–there really isn’t a lot to tell you because I haven’t written about it to any meaningful degree.

    • I’m still working on the next book. We’ll see about titles when we get closer to publication. I’m using the title “Brothers of the Black Sky” as the working title for the series right now and “To Stations My Lads” as the working title for the first book, but all that is subject to approval by the publisher, if we are conventionally published, and what I feel like that day, if we self-publish.


  2. Hey Paul, I just read the man of war series. Great work… I am hungry for #4 or #1 in the next series. I can’t wait to hear more about the main characters and even the fat cat!

  3. any update on the next book? Loved the series and I’m looking forward to Max’s next command

  4. I am certainly in a long line of folks waiting for book 4, and in no way do I want to suggest that should be delayed. Max and company needs to be pulled out of enemy space. Having said that though, is there any update on when we should expect the second Novella from this universe (but earlier timeline) that had the working title “Hunters of Vermin” ?

  5. Mr Honsinger it has been some time since the last update about your next trilogy. Can you provide a target? Will it be in 2017? I have enjoyed the Brothers in Valor series very much and look forward to your next take. Thank you

  6. I just finished all three books in audio format and it was the best read I have had yet! Congrats on a stellar series. Great action, suspense, the management of highs and lows (caught myself chocking back tears on a few occasions) and the HUMOR! By God Sir keep it up! Cant wait till the next! Thank you!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m doing my best to get some more material out for you fans. Check the post I put up today for information on that front. I’m particularly happy that the humor did not fall flat.

  7. Great Universe you built !
    I am kind of OCD, so I really prefer to read series in chronological order.
    I’ve read the first two prequels: Deadly Nightshade and Hunters of Vermin.
    Are you doing any more prequels?
    I would want to read them before I start the main series…

    • I probably will do some more prequels, but not for at least another year or so. You would be well served to read the main series, as that is the order in which the books were written. “Deadly Nightshade” was written while “Brothers in Valor” was going through the editorial process with the publisher, while “Hunters of Vermin” was written two years after “Brothers in Valor.” Thanks for the kind words about the universe.

  8. Hi, Paul. I’m interested in reading your Men of War series and would like to know the read sequence in order to best enjoy them. I wish that was on the Amazon pages with them. (hint, hint) So, chrono order or 1,2,3, then prequels in chronological order? I also wanted to thank you for putting these on Kindle Unlimited, as I couldn’t otherwise afford to read them.

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