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  1. When will this book be available on audible? Also please keep the series going because you have a solid fan base at the USPS and we want to hear more about “Urinates When Startled!” LOL your loyal fans

  2. ..been checking audible for more books in the Man Of War Universe rather regularly and finding nothing new. Not sure when I checked your homepage last but I must have missed the prequels to the series.
    Will Deadly Nightshade and The Hunters of Vermin ever be turned into audiobooks? If so please count me as having voted for a change in narrator from that of Ray Chase. I prefer my meat grilled to medium rare perfection and not Overdone with a charcoal crust..

    Your somewhat ornery fan.


  3. Have you guys been hacking my computer? Of course, you haven’t but half facetiously I wonder because this is exactly what is in the works. I am presently reviewing auditions from several audiobook producers who are willing to produce both of the prequels on a royalty sharing basis, so there is no out of pocket for me. The production values won’t be the same, but that’s what happens when you and the producer are essentially “co-investors” rather than the producer owning the property and tossing you a few shillings of royalty.

    Amazon owns the audiobook rights to the “Man of War” Trilogy but I own all rights to the prequels. Which means that Amazon/Brilliance produced the audiobooks for the trilogy and paid the much loved and occasionally reviled Ray Chase to do the narration. I’m pretty happy with the job he did. My main gripes are pretty nit-picky, like pronouncing the final “c” in “LeBlanc” which no Cajun does (my maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Annie LeBlanc).

    I expect to make my choice within the next few days. It generally takes about a week to produce one hour of recording, and the estimates are that “Deadly Nightshade” will run about six hours and “The Hunters of Vermin” about nine, so that gives you some sort of rough time frame. Emphasis on rough.

    Progress on the next full-length novel has been slow, due to my health issues, but it is being made. I’ll let you guys know when I have something more concrete to report.

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