7 comments on “medhov

  1. Hello I loved this and the first prequel.
    I’m obsessive compulsive 😎 about reading books in a series, in chronological order.
    Are there any other prequels planned?
    I’d like to read all prequels before i progress to the main series.

    • Thank you for your kind words about these two “little books.”

      There will almost certainly be others, but I do not plan to work on the next one for some time, as I devote attention to the fourth book in the main series. I plan to write the two timelines in parallel, interspersing them between the full-length novels, but that depends on what the publication arrangements are for the fourth full-length novel, which won’t firm up until it is finished and my current publisher exercises its option/right of first refusal on the manuscript. My recommendation would be to read the main series, as I actually wrote the Man of War Trilogy in full before writing the first prequel, which was published when “Brothers in Valor” (Man of War III) was going through the editing process at 47North.

  2. I buy your books in paper so when you get enough stories please put them in a collection.

  3. Very much liked the book. As I have very much liked your other titles. Are you going to release an audio version of The Hunters of Vermon?

    • Thanks. The audio version of “The Hunters of Vermin” is in production as we speak. Look for a release sometime in the mid-October to late November timeframe depending on how fast the narrator works.

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